A Mom and a Blog

by Kitty on July 20, 2013

Hi, this is Lorraine’s daughter Kitty. First of all, she’s ok!

She’s been in a rehab facility – her knee appliance broke so she’s been rather immobile and needs to get in better condition before they’ll fix her knee.

But worst of all, she is without a computer! Oh no. Poor dear, and she does miss it!

I thought that if anyone stops by to see if she’s been around here lately, I’d give you this little update.



RKHS — 1948

by Lorraine on July 19, 2013

Oh yeah.   June 1948 was a very good year.    And I am going to tell you why.   Just so happens I was graduated from this school at that particular point in time.    I want to paste an image of the *front* of the school if I can find it somewhere…..it was quite an impressive building of learning……….yup..

Never thought I would “go back to the future” again, though.   A few weeks ago I received an e-mail from a man who said he was David  so-and-so (that grating sound you hear are the rusty gears in my head, futilely trying to attach this man’s name with the boy I knew way back then) and  he now heads a group of   ’48 graduates who have volunteered to search for former students from our class.   Whew, that has got to be a really grinding  job,  I mean……really.    The male contingent may not be so difficult to track down, but for obvious reasons, the female group would have been pretty tough to find.

Anyway,  for a few weeks after the initial surprise at hearing from several of the  “girls”  with whom I’m still having a problem associating the mostly grey-hair and shockingly *mature* faces (actually, much like my grey hair and old hag face, except that these *girls* turned out with less wrinkles and extra chins than I did.   Not fair.  Not fair at ALL.   *snif*

They were, of course, parts of the [drumroll, please] Fickle Pickle gaggle of extraordinarily gorgeous girls,  mindlessly unaware they were not as goddess-like as they personally thought they were, but then, ignorance is bliss.   WE knew how spectacularly wonderful we were and that’s what counted.    “Ain’a?”   [Umm, that so-called word (?) is short for "ain't it?' which still isn't proper English but just an innocent Milwaukee phrase we all took for granted)  The "Pickles" were  just a silly teenage "thing",   I suppose.   But fun.    I was surprised that the women who contacted me all had good things to say about the *Fickle Pickles*,  although looking back now,  I don't have a clue what (or who!) we thought we  were, LOL.   Or, for that matter, why we thought our little exclusive "club" was such a big deal.   Again,,,, Ignorance is bliss  [?]



December 9, 2012

Peter Walker [American space physicist; researcher at Rice Univ; contractor for the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory/Space Science Div.] Quotes: “…..The supreme arrogance of religious thinking ~~ that a carbon-based bag of mostly water on a speck of iron-silicate dust around a boring dwarf star in a minor galaxy in an underpopulated local group of galaxies […]

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Old stuff

March 26, 2012

Does anyone actually~~~go back into a person’s archives and putz around in there? Like, would any visitor be so enamored of anyone’s old blogs to actually rummage around–like the one kitchen drawer most of us have that’s just full of stuff–looking for a gem? Sometimes I regret deleting a blog on this page ‘cos I […]

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Deep Thoughts ‘n Wisdumb ?

March 19, 2012

Ummmm, and so spake this unworthy, disgusting non-believer in fairytales and committed~~~wait for it !!   WAIT FOR IT!!~~~~~~~Aaaaeeeeeeiiiioo ~~~~~  ATHEIST …..Me!   who, according to millions of believers, somebody supposedly dispenses love and a whole lot of Bull$heet about a “hereafter” in an imaginary kingdom called Heaven  (Or Hell, if you are especially naughty).  The world […]

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Look what the cat dragged in

August 4, 2011

Yeah. How about that? Ain’t this something, though? I never thought I would ever find this place again, was I lost or WHAT? What?…..me lost? Well maybe not actually lost, like in not knowing where I am or anything silly like that. I may have taken a wrong turn a while ago and fell into […]

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Hey! ~~You a Lurker, or just Bashful?

May 30, 2011

I am going to get me something to eat right now.  Sure hope something yummy crawled into the refrigerator while I was piddling around all morning doing absolutely nothing — neither for me nor the cat. THEN I am going to really make a  dedicated effort to publish something (using actual words and stuff like […]

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Just JibberJabber, or why I hate FB

April 26, 2011

Hi there! It’s that sweet li’l old lady from the land of cheeseheads, endless adoration of Saint Vince Lombardi. (and our beloved Green Bay Packers), adorably cute dairy cows gently chomping on whatever it is they chomp on in their green pastures [grass, I believe?) — topped off in the state’s biggest city (Milwaukee)…..with its […]

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All Grown Up Now ?

April 4, 2011

Just been browsing thru my messy files and spotted this little thingie. For reasons known only to the invisible force that told me, in no uncertain terms, Hey You Old Bag!!…..Get yer lazy arse over to your WordPress link and put something down in print. Been a long time since I’ve wandered into this little […]

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Hey! You. Yeah, you.

March 10, 2011

Hellooo der.   Guess who’s back.  Oh shucks, you guessed, didn’t ya?   I am amazed, every week,  at the “hits” I’m getting of lurkers stopping off at meandthecat while they’re going thru the gallery of WordPress’ Thesis blogsites.  Many even stopped in at a few blogposts.  Cool.  But yeah it’s the loud, squawky, complaining, (aka bitchin’) old crone.   This […]

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