Hey! ~~You a Lurker, or just Bashful?

by Lorraine on May 30, 2011

I am going to get me something to eat right now.  Sure hope something yummy crawled into the refrigerator while I was piddling around all morning doing absolutely nothing — neither for me nor the cat. THEN I am going to really make a  dedicated effort to publish something (using actual words and stuff like that).  I shall return.

“FLYING HIGH” – This link won’t make any sense except to someone from my Facebook wall who discovered I was a  military enlistee  (because Facebook took it upon itself to broadcast that bit of trivia when I updated my profile)  then a new *friend* noticed that item and dropped in on me at FB.  SHE also was over in Germany about the same time as me.  Small world?  You betcha.

Well, this is it. I guess I will finally have to concede that I am completely razzlefratzed at this moment.  At this point in time,  it is the next day. The second day of  HOT. I really, really hate HOT  — as in like, Summer Hot. Actually I hate Summer. I  hate to SWEAT. OOooops Excuse the gaffe. Horses—sweat.  Men—perspire. Women—glow.

Anyway!  What I am talking about, I think, is emblazoned in that ridiculous title I gave this blog entry. When I check my site meter I’m always surprised at the number of  “visitors”  recorded for each day of the week.  Plus another chart below which displays “Number of pages visited” (and the lengths of the visit)  and so on blah blah blah. But none of these “lurkers” have ever posted a comment for any blog I’ve slapped on my site. Thus,  are you a lurker or just bashful?? Oh what the helk. Who cares. hahahaha

The world of  Blogging, where billions of people have poured their hearts out on their very  own website (usually designed by themselves or with help from platforms like WordPress and the rest of them…….has today been reduced to quickie sound/sight *bytes* on a gazillion topics and it’s name is FaceBook! What a phenomenon, eh? I don’t care a whit for Facebook, simply because I am way too overbearing and offend many people’s tender feelings by saying what I feel and WHY……….If I don’t see any logic or reasonable hypotheses for an issue others are totally glued to (and it doesn’t matter a spit whether what they *think* is right is usually way off into what I call the Land of La-La)…….if they are wrong because they are stupid or because they make no effort to LEARN  real truths about what *they* think, in no way can anyone truly contribute anything of meaning to others.

My favorite “never happened that way” feeling I always got whenever I’d hear a misguided (dumb?)  American citizen proudly announce that “This country was founded as a Christian nation” Did these blockheads not absorb ANY of the history of  how the  first 13 colonies turned into 13 of the very  first United States of America??  Good Grief.  I’m a member of the Freedom from Religion Foundation and what a grand and glorious feeling it is to finally admit, once and for  all, that I have not ever believed in some kind of invisible being who supposedly *created* this weenie little planet we call Earth and populated it with billions and billions of human being who apparently sprung from the original four people “He” created. What a bunch of hogwash! People should take a good long look around  http://nasa.org  and take a few trips with the Hubble telescope which has patiently been cruising around the universe for 20 years now….I believe totally in Science.

“The religions disperse,  kingdoms collapse, but works of science live on thru the ages.” (some really old guy said this eons ago, and it’s still true!)

FFRF is an organization whose basic  purpose is to monitor the constitutional edict that “State and Religion” shall always be SEPARATE It is a serious group of many freethinkers who are dedicated to preserving what the founding fathers knew……that *religion* has absolutely no place  in our SECULAR government, and the citizens of America should be eternally grateful that it remains this way. There have been small  “well, let’s do this, no-one will notice”  things.  The latest being our president declaring a “National Day of Prayer”-a total and complete violation of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. President Obama should know better, or so one would think. Prayer always fails. Whatever you want, babies, or believe you deserve?

Ya just gotta work for it yourself.


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