Look what the cat dragged in

by Lorraine on August 4, 2011

Yeah. How about that? Ain’t this something, though? I never thought I would ever find this place again, was I lost or WHAT?

What?…..me lost? Well maybe not actually lost, like in not knowing where I am or anything silly like that. I may have taken a wrong turn a while ago and fell into a really deep hole and for some reason I couldn’t get out of it.  Very bizarre.

I don’t have a clue why it’s been so long since I have tossed my usual mishmosh of words onto this machine. Not gonna worry about it though. Why bother? No matter what I write it won’t make any sense anyway. That is what is so nice about this senile dementia thing, I can use that as an excuse for just about anything stink-o I write about. Good deal, eh? Har Har

Never a dull moment on Planet Earth, though. Got my usual quota of email pleas to send each of those (admittedly) good & dedicated organizations who are still hopeful those inhabitants who actually believe what scientists, astronomers, new outer space discoverers, biologists, geologists, all engineering disciplines, and so on and on…….. fan the small spark of interest by humanity to acknowledge the pathetic, but going to happen!!, death of this itsy-bitsy planet pretty damn soon. If not sooner.

Just about everything that points to Planet Earth’s demise, along with all living organisms on it, has been noticed by CONCERNED, INTELLIGENT, EDUCATED, DEDICATED, HOMO SAPIENS all over the world. Let’s just say, for now anyway, that the general consensus of way too many people is that *stuff* started about 2,000 years ago. This, of course, makes absolutely no sense but I ain’t gonna argue about fairytales right now (Like “Creationism”, what a joke on any human being who actually believes in that senseless, willful ignorance of belief that something has “created” this planet and set it down in a teensy corner of the 15 Billion Year Old Universe (since the Big Bang.) Ya know? I hate to admit it but I do not have a clue what the heck the “Big Bang” was supposed to be all about. Does anyone?

I’m just gonna go right on out on a limb. Of course it will have to be a very strong limb, I ain’t no Twiggy, fer shure!

Oh-Oh. Someone —-something? Is a-knockin’ at my door. I suppose I should mosey on over there and see what/who is there, eh? Nah, they’ll go away sooner or later. Hell with it. It’s past 3:00 in the afternoon at the moment. I have not eaten any solid food for many hours. Well, a couple of hours anyway. Heck, I don’t remember. Only joshing about the knock-knock. It was just the UPS delivery person. I am a tad addicted to shopping online, it’s so easy. Paying for a shopping spree? not so much fun.

This is my cat. Her name is Snickers. She already had that name when I adopted her from our Humane Society shelter, and since I knew she would resist having to learn a different name, I decided I didn’t want to go thru the bother of rearranging her limited brain cells to accept something “new” [actually she's quite intelligent]. She’s 98% Maine Coon] So it’s Snickers. Guess I’ll be her obedient servant as long as we both live. Ummmm, don’t tell Snickers I said this, but I would actually prefer a Golden Retriever than this spoiled feline but alas! — a small apartment is no place for a big ol’ clump of a dog….*snif* Boo-Hoo

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sue August 5, 2011 at 6:02 pm

Snickers is gorgeous!

At the moment I am owned by CC (Calico Cutie) and Spots (black except for a chest spot and another on his belly near his “organs.” ) They are very friendly to the “wildlife” in the neighborhood, and invite the raccoons over for supper. In the spring they also invite possum mamas.

CC came from the shelter when she was about a year old, so I’m her first personal human. When her shelter sister disappeared she brought Spots home. And they both invited the possums and raccoons for meals.

Fortunately, my next door neighbor is an animal lover also, and enjoys watching the possums and raccoons from her porch.

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