Just JibberJabber, or why I hate FB

by Lorraine on April 26, 2011

Hi there! It’s that sweet li’l old lady from the land of cheeseheads, endless adoration of Saint Vince Lombardi. (and our beloved Green Bay Packers), adorably cute dairy cows gently chomping on whatever it is they chomp on in their green pastures [grass, I believe?) — topped off in the state’s biggest city (Milwaukee)…..with its crowning glory, Santiago Calatrava’s Brisè Soleil at our lakefront Art Museum. Which is, by the way, quite breathtaking. If I do say so myself. Which I just did.

yukfbI have come to a momentous decision~~~I have decided what I want to be when I grow up. Yup. Since there are probably thousands of other older faces in the crowd and it certainly is no big deal anymore — no matter who says so — I will just have to come out of my shy, withdrawn persona and claim the most meaningful title I can think of. And by golly, what else would there be?…………Well-l-l……… I guess I could always claim to be THE BEST of the OLD BIDDY BLOGGERS, but I get tired just thinking about the tough competition hangin’ around the blogesphere. just waiting to knock me off the No. One perch, ya know? Yeah, right.. Nah, who really cares at this point in time, eh? Blogging isn’t the fun it used to be……now it’s that dumb Facebook thingie. What exactly is the point of being “invited” to be someone’s *friend*, especially when it is someone you have no idea even existed on this planet before he/she asked to “be your friend”. So silly.

I drop by there once in a while but tell the truth, I kind of got really bored looking at someone else’s family pictures*…..and how many ways can a person pen a comment on the unbelievable beauty and so on of someone’s baby/toddler/teenager/all pets/etc etc etc ??? OF COURSE YOUR BABY, TODDLER, TEENAGER, BLAHBLAHBLAH, is amazingly, incredibly gorgeous. WOW! All I regularly do is slap a petition or something similar on my wall to invite anyone accidentally falling into my space there, to take a look at my latest petition and SIGN IT, for crying out loud !!!

My petitions will always be from the kinds of activist organizations who honestly give a damn about our country/our citizens/everyone’s animal welfare guardianship/our slowly dying planet, blah blah blah. No surprises.there, for sure.

There is, apparently, some kind of very special wedding ceremony going on in a couple of days. Over in the *Mother Country*, which is inhabited by many folks just like us “Mericans. Except they are British, you see. In fact, the groom, in this case, will one day be the British peoples’ KING. And his wife will be, I suppose, the QUEEN? Is that how it works? This ain’t gonna happen, however, until the current Queen (think her name is Elizabeth or something like that) is gone from this earthly realm. Lizzie is, I believe, 84 years old now so I’m sure she has a few good years left, eh? She is in pretty good shape…….my goodness, and why not! I can’t even imagine the pampering and care she must get 24/7, right?

Anyway! I haven’t heard a peep from the so-called “blogger friend” who lives over there. He is probably embarrassed to contact me since he obviously had no intention of inviting me to accompany him to the royal wedding and the swingin’ party afterwards. Shame on him. Oh well. Doesn’t really matter. I don’t have anything to wear, anyway. In any case I would be very bored — I recall, very vividly, how really, really bored I got watching Diana and what’s-his-name (the duke of something) come tippy-toeing down that long, endless aisle towards the altar……..Diana’s wedding dress’ train was so long I fell asleep way before the couple finally arrived in front of the altar where the official whatevers were waiting to commence the ceremony.

Of course there is the possibility the old coot who lives quite some distance from my town wasn’t invited to the Big Par-tay and he just didn’t want to embarrass himself by telling me this. OR he is attending the royal shindig with some cutesy English lassie. *snif* Well. Ask me if I care. Ha Ha.  Ha Ha. Þ

*Images of my incredibly gorgeous great-grandaughter are, of course, always the most adorable…….teehee.

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Keith May 15, 2011 at 3:37 pm

OK. I heard you the first time!

Lorraine May 15, 2011 at 11:48 am

Well La-de-dah, aren’t we feeling a little scratchy today? OK then, if you are as fed up with *your* Parliament as I am with *our* current stagnant standoff between good (Democrats) and evil (Republicans) and the truly senseless group calling themselves Tea Baggers……that group of idiots could never get elected to anything on their own so attached themselves to the biggest bunch of losers (Republicans), along with white supremacists who idolize and adore the rightwingnuts for reasons known only by their reverence for the Second Amendment to our Constitution. [Right to bear arms]
~~~~Darn it, I coulda sworn the name “Stuart” cropped up somewhere in the vast history of the monarchial family tree???

And, I will condescend to drop by your so-so blogpage *yawn* when I am good and ready, OK?

Keith May 1, 2011 at 4:27 pm

“. . .I haven’t heard a peep from the so-called “blogger friend . . ”

You talking ’bout me then? Did you watch the wedding? I was in the Mall standing by the 2nd lampost on the left, just past the Victoria monument waving at you. Did you see me?

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