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RKHS — 1948

by Lorraine on July 19, 2013

Oh yeah.   June 1948 was a very good year.    And I am going to tell you why.   Just so happens I was graduated from this school at that particular point in time.    I want to paste an image of the *front* of the school if I can find it somewhere…..it was quite an impressive building […]


Look what the cat dragged in

by Lorraine on August 4, 2011

Yeah. How about that? Ain’t this something, though? I never thought I would ever find this place again, was I lost or WHAT? What?…..me lost? Well maybe not actually lost, like in not knowing where I am or anything silly like that. I may have taken a wrong turn a while ago and fell into […]

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Hey! ~~You a Lurker, or just Bashful?

by Lorraine on May 30, 2011

I am going to get me something to eat right now.  Sure hope something yummy crawled into the refrigerator while I was piddling around all morning doing absolutely nothing — neither for me nor the cat. THEN I am going to really make a  dedicated effort to publish something (using actual words and stuff like […]


Just JibberJabber, or why I hate FB

by Lorraine on April 26, 2011

Hi there! It’s that sweet li’l old lady from the land of cheeseheads, endless adoration of Saint Vince Lombardi. (and our beloved Green Bay Packers), adorably cute dairy cows gently chomping on whatever it is they chomp on in their green pastures [grass, I believe?) — topped off in the state’s biggest city (Milwaukee)…..with its […]


All Grown Up Now ?

by Lorraine on April 4, 2011

Just been browsing thru my messy files and spotted this little thingie. For reasons known only to the invisible force that told me, in no uncertain terms, Hey You Old Bag!!…..Get yer lazy arse over to your WordPress link and put something down in print. Been a long time since I’ve wandered into this little […]


Learning to Listen to English

by Lorraine on October 21, 2010

A number of years ago there was a neat little TV program I reeeeally liked and enjoyed……It was about a group of young people somewhere in England who were attending veterinary college. It was filmed in what I almost believed to be a make-believe setting — I mean, Wow! The school itself was situated in […]


Weird looking page

by Lorraine on May 10, 2010

SIGH! Hello ?   Anybody out there?   Well of course there’s somebody out there, Good Grief, there’s visible proof of that in the comments boxes underneath the “Nothin’ Much” blog of whatever date it appeared here. On meandthecat.com. Just a short note to explain my lunatic raving about this website (called meandthecat) and how it is […]


Nuthin’ Much

by Lorraine on April 24, 2010

Hello.  It’s me.  I see by the insidious disappearance of the letters *A* and *T*  which once followed the letter *C* on that line…..has been consumed by the worsening condition of my blog page. I yearn for the simplicity of Blogger.com and wish I could just leave this giant alien platform called “Word Press”  and […]


Owie Owie

by Lorraine on April 8, 2010

Hello.   This is the “Me” part of meandthecat.   I haven’t produced a stunningly wonderful, peachy-keen blog for a while.   *sigh*   I’m pretty sure nobody noticed my absence, but what the heck, I thought I might as well announce I haven’t blogged for a little while because……………..Are you ready for this momentuous news? I ben sik.  […]


A Lefty’s Lament

by Lorraine on March 9, 2010

This mixed up cartoon cat head is supposed to convey my very serious message for today.  Sunday.   I hate Sundays.  Always have.   I have no idea why,  Sunday never did anything bad to me or anything like that.   So why the animosity I feel for this particular day–when the other six days of the week are […]