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Shirley and Me

by Lorraine on March 5, 2010

~~Shirley Temple & Me~~  Females have always followed the vagaries of fashion regardless of how old they may be, don’t you agree?  When I was about 3rd grade age, my mother took me to the “beauty school” downtown for a permanent.  It cost $1.25, and took an interminably long time because the student working on […]

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Apple Tags

by Lorraine on February 28, 2010

I have some  important news now. Listen up, this is something society needs to correct. I’m talking about those itsy-bitsy tags produce packers stick on every apple, plum, peach, nectarine, blah blah. My daughter nearly choked on one of those paper menaces once, but of course she’s usually in her own la-la land so didn’t […]


Moldie Oldie – again?

by Lorraine on February 20, 2010

 Moldie Oldie — Again? But hey! I found this tucked safely away in the stuff piled up in my Notepads. When I see something I like I throw it into a Notepad or Workpad —- never know when it might come in handy as a quickie “blog” some night or day. This evening is it. I want […]


Eyes Only*

by Lorraine on February 7, 2010

Eyes Only* D6J5NBAGG62T  —-This is a very, very secret code.  If I tell you what it means,  the creators of this code will send a platoon of heavily armed Tech Support geeks to my computer.   This could have massive and really stinky effects on whatever functioning brain cells remain in my lovely, grey-haired head! My advice […]


Valentine’s Day–PishPosh!

by Lorraine on February 1, 2010

Big Stinkin’ Deal~~~Yeah, that’s what I said. It’s nearly that time.  *Valentine’s Day*   And it makes me mad. I mean, what about the gazillion people who don’t have a living, breathing person who thinks YOU are the cat’s meow? — does that mean they aren’t good enough to get a really decadent box of chocolates (it doesn’t *have* […]


Down by the Mall

by Lorraine on January 29, 2010

Down by the Mall I remember the days,  actually quite a while ago, when my kidlet and I would go to our favorite mall for the purpose of…….*shopping*.   It was nice to spend some quality time together,  we both worked full-time,  but there was always time for “goin’ to the Mall”.     I enjoyed the aimless meandering […]


Just about Me

by Lorraine on January 27, 2010

I retired from a real job in 1993 and discovered very quickly how not to starve without a paycheck.   Got to admit, though, that getting that big fat Social Security check from da Guv’ment two years later was pretty cool.   Then life became a real gas, for sure.  Bliss…..no alarm clock. Rapture……no white-knuckle driving home […]


Listen Up

by Lorraine on January 24, 2010

Listen up, You Humen Bings! Hellooo Der. Dis is dat old lady who lives somewhere in middle  Amerrka.   Before I begin my little chat about the state of the planet and some of its more important inhabitants  (and I definitely do not mean the gasbags sitting on their blubber-butts in Washington, DC),   I’d like to talk about the non-humans on […]


Cane, no cane

by Lorraine on January 17, 2010

Thursday, September 26, 2002 Went to the doctor last week. Just wanted to ask a couple questions, like, you know, let’s get real here Lady, and up my dosage of Vicodin. It wasn’t easy, but she finally conceded I wasn’t going to become an addict with three a day instead of two. Somehow she snuck […]


2000 Prez Campaign

by Lorraine on January 5, 2010

~~~~Just another Moldie Oldie I’m not sure if I ever mentioned my day at the Al Gore campaign rally? I probably did, but I can’t remember it, so bear with me, I’m old and I demand some respect for a failing memory, OK? Anyway, two of my hospital volunteer buddies and I went to this […]