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Old stuff

by Lorraine on March 26, 2012

Does anyone actually~~~go back into a person’s archives and putz around in there? Like, would any visitor be so enamored of anyone’s old blogs to actually rummage around–like the one kitchen drawer most of us have that’s just full of stuff–looking for a gem? Sometimes I regret deleting a blog on this page ‘cos I […]


Hey! You. Yeah, you.

by Lorraine on March 10, 2011

Hellooo der.   Guess who’s back.  Oh shucks, you guessed, didn’t ya?   I am amazed, every week,  at the “hits” I’m getting of lurkers stopping off at meandthecat while they’re going thru the gallery of WordPress’ Thesis blogsites.  Many even stopped in at a few blogposts.  Cool.  But yeah it’s the loud, squawky, complaining, (aka bitchin’) old crone.   This […]


Where I left off…

by Lorraine on November 21, 2009

So ya, had my knee surgery… yadda yadda… My Granddaughter got married! yay. I will post pics, but in the meantime if you want to see some of the most gorgeous photography EVER (not too biased or anything), you should check out the slide show of Jennie & Brian’s wedding pics. The photographers from Our […]