Welcome home, my sweet baboo

by Lorraine on January 28, 2011

messeduppcUmmmm, actually I don’t really have a “sweet baboo” —- In what’s left of my senile mind, I call people and things I love my “sweet baboo” — No, it doesn’t make any sense, but do I care? Of course not.

Oh Joy! Oh Bliss! Oh Happiness! —–well, not really. Shocking news. OK, only to me, but of course since I am of the opinion that I AM the most important person in my life, I have to go with my gut instincts…..I AM the most important human being I’ve ever known. And that is a fact no-one can ever dispute. Correct? Of course I’m correct and 100% right also, I generally am.

OK then, now that it’s definitely been established that I have just lived thru the most horrifying, frustrating, boiling mad week of my life (as far as I can remember, there may have been other disgustingly horrific events I have endured in my very long march thru life, but this atrocity……this abomination and destruction of one’s very humanity…….what happened to ME in the last couple of weeks?? —- Oh the misery. The pain.

My life, my heart, my soul (if there is such a thing, which I doubt) and every other nasty thing I can think of……all wrapped up in just a few words. Words I can only hope I will never have to hear again.

MY COMPUTER FIZZLED OUT ON ME. WITHOUT ANY WARNING. YES, IT GOT REALLY UGLY and even the cat knew enough to stay out of my way. I don’t really believe I would have kicked her across the room and withheld her evening ritual of getting a little nosh of “kitty cookies” as her treat of the day. Felt like hitting something, though. What I really needed to vent my anger and frustration with anything electronic, cordless, wireless, blah blah……..is an effigy of Sarah Palin* so I could beat the stuffing out of that and not suffer any consequences (I don’t own a gun, don’t ever wish to own one, much less use one), — now that may have alleviated a whole lot of my frustration and bitter feelings towards that guy named Bill Gates.

*You may have heard of that person…..Sarah Palin? “aka Sawdust for Brains” ?? “Don’t retreat, Re-load” (Such a cutey, eh?) Someone sent me a link to a website selling T-shirts, signs, posters–ad nauseam–online. All Sarah Palin, with pithy little silly sayings on the shirt/posters. Unbelievably vulgar so I won’t pass along the URL for that stinky site.

Oh nertz. I haven’t blogged for so long I have all these words just running around in the big empty spaces in my skull and not getting to the point. Oh well. Anyway! Long story short. I did what any reasonable person would do when *things* go kaflooey. I did a simple “Restore”, have done it before thru the years and it always worked just fine. Not this time. (My new computer came bundled with Windoz 7 which I loathe with a passion I never knew I had anymore….hahaha. Sure wish I had my Windoz XP back.) *snif* Oh yeah, I even took the final step and did a System Recovery. It got worse.

The kidlet has so often helped me thru crises like this, but in this case the death of the computer (tower) was beyond her help. All I had left was “Games” and spent five days not eating, didn’t sleep, didn’t do nuthin’ !! — but play Solitaire. I tried two of the other games on the big menu of games listed, but they were too hard to me to comprehend. And that definitely did NOT sit well with my ego at all So it was back to Solitaire. Did I just say I wasn’t eating during this miserable time? I only wish. hahaha Nothing keeps me from my regularly scheduled rounds to the cupboards and refrigerator daily to see if anything good re-appeared since the last time I looked into the freezer, et al.

Well, this blather is getting much too long, so in as few words as possible, I will wind it up. I mean, who really cares anyway, except ME, of course. It does show however, how much I depend on having Internet access at my fingertips 24/7 since I renew animal advocacy orgs’ memberships online, get my bank biz online, buy stuff online, communicate online with people, stay in touch with several leftwing liberal websites and hope they’re trying their best to print more truth than just being irresponsible and yapping about things that have no connection with reality….. [kind of like another political party I know, the one I was always too poor to belong to. They're called Rethuglicans]

Oh yeah. The computer. Was going to take it in to Best Buy, I’d had a member of their “Geek Squad” come to my home once and he did a wonderful job straightening out a mess I made when I blundered (as usual) into ‘puter mysteries I had no business blundering into. Now I know better, no more sneaking into the “basement” of the Windoz totally non-intelligible directions about Diagnostics and Whirlybirds and ummmm, Windows Configuration and Constipation, and a brief diagram showing the progression of the dreaded “Diarrhhea Error, How to Track and Heal” —– Dat Billy Gates, he don’t miss a trick when it comes to his Windoz and dat stuff.

Except for Windows 7. Excuse me while I throw up.

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Lorraine March 12, 2011 at 2:03 pm

OK now. This is scary. I *know* I replied to your lovely (?) note, above, and you answered that remark, then I think I huffed my way out of here. Good grief, your comment is dated Feb. 3rd. Now it’s Mar. 12th. Guess I have been away longer than I thought. No. That’s not it. WordPress did something naughty again, once in a while mysterious stuff happens. It may be a runaway poltergeist perhaps. Who knows. Who cares.

I think I will wash my hands now, comb my hair and meander over to *your* fairly decent blogpage *yawn*, see what’s happening over there. Oh no, can’t go now…..gotta forage for grub, it is lunchtime here in good old Wisconsin, U.S.A. (Is it nearly time to vote out the dictator some deluded fools in my state elected Governor…..? Can’t be soon enough for me to assist in King Walker’s removal from our state’s Capitol. Icky-ka-ka

Keith February 3, 2011 at 8:04 pm

“I am the most important human being I’ve ever known.”. Poo!
As my old dotty Grandma used to say “Self praise is no recommendation”

Next thing you will be saying is “I am the most important person in the whole world” when everyone knows that I am the most impotent person in the world!

So there!

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