Little Bit’O Nuthin’

by Lorraine on October 7, 2010

Holy Cow~~I just happened to drop in here on my way to somewhere else and noticed I haven’t written anything since,  like,  whenever? Is that possible? Well, Yeah…..Doh!

[Caution:  Heavily Medicated]  Hmmmm,  that must be it.

Then of course, I also have no idea what to write about. I ran head-on into a writing wall. It really hurt, too. Owww. Unfortunately, it didn’t jar anything loose so I guess my head is just plain empty. What’s a girl to do?

Well, Let’s see. I could design some kind of sandwich, catch a pickle in the jar, throw some chips on a paper plate — and watch my soap opera. Don’t need no brains to watch that, fer sure. Hah.

Kathie is going to flip~~ when I tell this story, but I can’t resist.  A few years ago she had this picture on her blogpage where she is swimming naked. She wonders: “If I put that picture on this client’s site instead of a classic car, would anyone notice”? Well, of course not!…..*snicker*

Anyyyway, for some bizarre reason I flashed back to one of those “kodak moments” when Kitty was, oh, about 18 mos. old. I had her in “training pants”, and it was kind of an on again, off again process. One day I heard…..nothing……from her bedroom where she was playing. Total quiet. Every mother knows. This is not normal.

I went in and she wasn’t there, just hiding behind the door. I asked her if she did poopie in her pants. She solemnly shook her head *no*, but unfortunately, the big wad in her “training pants” made them sag almost to the floor with its weight, so she was definitely busted. Now isn’t that just the most adorable story?

Sorry,  just couldn’t help myself. I thought this picture of my grizzly-bear biker son-in-law and Nola (his granddaughter, my great-granddaughter) wouldn’t take up much room, and I really like the picture. What the heck. I will leave the story of the poopie incident to be told to Nola by her grandmother herself. (*Grandma* being the  poopy-pants child mentioned above)

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Lorraine October 15, 2010 at 9:57 am

Hey there….Sue. Why aren’t you on my blogroll? Du’h!
Could it be I have forgotten yet another person from a ways back in time?

Probably. sorry about that. I went thru a really old blogroll and checked the people on it. Many had morphed into something else or their last entries were, like, in 2004. Nothing like just walking away one day without a backward look, eh?

Thanks for stopping by, it is really hard to re-group once one has been lost for so long. *sigh*

sue October 10, 2010 at 7:08 pm

Finding something to write about on a daily basis is good for my mental health–I have to stop and find the upbeat things in a day that otherwise seems endlessly dull.

At least I’ve got the cats and the masked critters to go on and on about.

Don’t apologize–as the song says: it’s the little things that (can) mean a lot.

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